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House MJ, Novo Mesto, Kombinat, Slovenia, clerestory, daylight, daylighting, green roof, architects, architecture, Blaž Kandus

House MJ is a split-level home with a concrete garage dug snuggly into the hill where the driveway meets the property. The garage has a cantilevered green roof, which extends to shelter the cars and the garage door from the elements. From here, the occupant can walk up the side of the hill to the main house. The home is designed around an open floor plan with all of the bedrooms breaking off from the main living room. Other the entry foyer, the home has no corridors.

With a difficult sloping site, and views to the north-west, Kombinat had faced a significant challenge in trying to provide as much natural light as possible into the living area of the house. Therefore, clerestory windows and two mono-pitched roofs were designed to allow for mid-morning sun to penetrate the living and kitchen area.

Per the owner’s request, House MJ was designed using a prefabricated wood frame. This structure was then clad with vertical strips of larch wood. The cladding system is simple and elegant and provides the home with golden brown warmth as it blends into the surrounding forest.

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