Lose the lampshade, because with these beautiful new CFL bulbs from Hulger, you’ll be much less inclined to hide your love for low-energy lighting. Though we’ve been talking about the fantastic Plumen lightbulb for years, we’re thrilled to announce that this incredible design has won Brit Insurance’s 2011 Product Award! A smart and stunning alternative to standard CFLs, the Plumen consumes up to 80% less electricity that incandescent bulbs and lasts eight times as long. Congrats to designers Samuel Wilkinson and Hulger on their win!

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The Plumen was created through a collaboration between London brand Hulger and designer Sam Wilkinson. The project’s goal was to create a bulb worth showing off that would not only speak volumes in terms of aesthetics, but would break out of the box with its energy-efficient design.

As Nicolas Roope, Hulger co-founder and creative director of Hulger states, “It’s strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination.” An incredible, cost-effective way to transform any type of space with a modern edge, each bulb boasts a lifetime of eight years, 11-watts of illumination (equal to 60-watt on an incandescent bulb), a standard screw cap, and emits an ambient 2700k warm light.

+ Hulger

+ Sam Willkinson

+ Plumen on Inhabitat in 2007