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Standing five and a half feet tall and six feet long, the crumbling façade could have been lifted from many of the aging neighborhoods around the country. Doyle estimates that the house incorporates a whopping 110,000-130,000 LEGO pieces! Each piece was also used whole/as is – he did not cut, paint, or alter them to create the decaying look.

What sets Doyle’s LEGO models apart from other LEGO art, is that his works are not meant to be pristine models of architectural wonders. Instead, Doyle is inspired by the notion of decay – a concept that one would not think could be achieved with the perfect corners of LEGO blocks. For this piece, he created an “abandoned” Victorian home that is engulfed with mud, which overtook the basement and first floor, uprooting the home’s foundation. The repeated angled roofs were chosen to highlight the architectural splendor of Victorian homes. The resulting piece is made even more stoic by Doyle’s usage of a colorless palette – only hints of blue can be found amid the greys.

“Victorian on Mud Heap” took Doyle approximately 600 hours to build, and is the third in his series of Abandoned Houses. Fans can marvel at the masterpiece at home by ordering a print through Bumble & Bramble.

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