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Situated on a corner plot, the new Merton house connects several existing spaces into one home, including the garage and a separate apartment. A new slate roof extends over these spaces, the Victorian home and the new additions, unifying the unique dwelling. The timber wall also acts as a harmonizing force, lining the façade and extending out to guard patio areas in a fence formation.

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The principle concepts behind the design brings light, air flow and access to the garden as a way to bring the new and old spaces together. The new kitchen was designed to bring light and the outdoors into the interior. Curving glass sends one window seat extending over the yard, while adjacent large windows open outward, exposing their window seats to open air and the backyard garden. The windows are arranged to bring light into the new additions throughout the day, minimizing the need for artificial lights. Oak floorboards were added throughout the rooms to bring together old and new spaces.

Echoing modern design practices, the Merton House was given double glazed windows, light-activated blinds, ample skylights, LED lighting and other energy efficient effects.

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