Wind power is one of the most promising sources of renewable energy, yet most often its presence is felt only on the industrial scale, in large wind farms connected to the power grid. How great would it be for individuals to be able to power their devices through their own personal, portable windmill? Thats the concept behind the ‘Wing’ Personal Windmill. The name alone has an air of freedom and mobility, and that’s exactly what this lightweight personal windmill creates. Portable, easily folded and carried by a single individual, Wing produces enough electricity to satisfy the primary needs of the mobile individual; powering cell phones, laptops, and lamps.

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Designed by Ines Vlahović and Mladen Orešić of Croatia, the original impetus for Wing was to provide energy in remote locations (camping, at the beach, in remote rural areas, etc), but the success of the prototype makes it easy to use Wing as a secondary source of electricity in the home as well. Wing is suitable as a secondary power source in any settled situation, and earned one of the highly-coveted INDEX Awards of 2007: Design to Improve Life.

We’ve covered personal “Micro Wind turbines” before, but the ‘WING’ design is nothing like the large, static “Quiet Revolution” for the home, nor the tiny, plastic Motorwind Micro Turbine for use in dense urban areas. ‘Wing’ is designed for portability and personal electronic use, and thats why this design is so truly innovative.

The designers, Ines Vlahović and Mladen Orešić of Croatia, intended for Wing to mimic an umbrella in its form. The result has two useful implications: convenience and connection to the elements. Inclement weather? Unfold umbrella. Urgent email? Unfold Wing. The packable design is complete with a sling-back canvas carrying case.

In its prototype phase, Wing was recently honored with a 2007 INDEX award for its potential to improve everyday life without disturbing the environment. A winner in the Home category, Wing considers modern life as a nomadic, independent experience with high-tech communication possibilities.