If you’re in NYC for Design Week, we deeply urge you to stop by InDisposed, the cooler, less corporate little brother of the giant International Contemporary Furniture Fair. An offsite design exhibition taking place at Studio-X, InDisposed aims to explore and possibly debunk the idea our society has lately adopted that disposable = evil. “After all,” reads their brief, “are disposable objects inherently bad? Doesn’t disposability have some redeeming social value?” From an auto-cannibalistic table to lego-shaped plastic takeout containers that you can build furniture out of when you are done eating from them, the objects at the show have that fresh, experimental quality that occurs when designers create for the sake of creating rather than when they are stressed to make something sellable. Read on to see what we loved most about InDisposed!

indisposed show, recycled takeout containers, studio x

How fun are Takeshi Miyakawa’s lego takeout containers?! Called “Furniture to Go,” these stackable food boxes create an incentive for people to hold onto their takeout containers after they are done eating from them. Our only beef with these is that they are made out of PVC – they would be even better if they were made out of an eco-friendly material.

Auto Cannibalistic Table, eggcrate table, takeshi miyakawa

“Why can’t a table eat itself?” says Atema Architecture of their Auto-Cannibalistic Table. “Tables support food, but why can’t they also be food?” The strikingly geometric table takes ordinary items like paper egg flats, flour paste, soil, and seeds and transforms them into a transient masterpiece that will begin to consume itself as it aids in germinating the seeds.

birdseed plate, unidentified feeding object, indisposed

Andrea Ruggiero and Bengt Brummer’s Unidentified Feeding Object is a plate made out of blended birdseed, potato starch, guar gum, and a seaweed-like binding agent. When you are done eating off the plate, simply launch it into the bushes like a frisbee so that birds can eat it up!

indisposed, candlestrip, design glut

We were excited to see what Design Glut, the same awesome designers who brought us the Dow Jones Hanky, had in store for us at InDisposed and were not disappointed. Check out these witty “Candlestrips” that use power the old fashioned way.

indisposed, birdhouse, bread birdhouse, birdseed house, studio x

We were tempted to take a bite of Jeff Miller‘s Dough-Dough Bird Feeder made of a huge hunk of cookie dough. The birdfeeder gets disposed of as birds eat it away!

Check out the entire gallery of designs from InDisposed here.

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