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This wonderful woodland home sits in a forest clear, in an area originally inhabited by the Tarasco indigenous people, who inspired the house’s name. Irekua Anatani, or ‘Family house under the trees’, is made from concrete and wood and topped by a luscious green roof that makes it blend with the environment.

Architect Gerardo Broissin told us about his low-impact aim, ‘On the first visit to the property we thought that the house had to enjoy the splendor of living under this density and be intrinsically a part of it by safeguarding most of the trees and the existing forest.’

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Inside, the interiors are open-plan, bright and airy and feature beautifully aged furniture.

While the home’s southwest facade is orientated to capture the sunset, its opposite side has glazed walls that let plenty of natural light in and frame the treetops. This Mexican family home is complete with a large cantilevered wooden deck and a sunny pool area, perfect to cool down in the summer while enjoying some woodland scents.

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Photos by © Alexandre d’ La Roche