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Marynowski, who is a Freelance Visual Merchandising professional, originally came up with the idea as part of a store display in the Meatpacking District. After the promotion ended, Marynowski was given permission to take his PVC- based design and enter it into the FIGMENT design festival‘s annual competition. To spruce it up, Marynowski transformed his work from a 2D sculpture into a 3D exploration of space and perspective.

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“I saw it working really well as an element that would be a great contrast to greenery and nature,” Marynowski expounded. “It’s stark and white, a fun shape that’s not found in nature and I saw an opportunity to make trees or interesting shapes and squiggles with it, and thought that would be fun for people to stop and look at.”

Marynowski said he especially liked showing off his work to the crowds at FIGMENT because everyone came by and saw something completely unique to them. “It’s a great sculpture to look at because it looks like it is constantly morphing and changing,” Marynowski said.

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When we stopped by, several kids and even adults came by picking up pieces to touch and play with around with them. Tony’s wife Jacquie Marynowski stood nearby all the while, blowing bubbles through the PVC sculpture.

“Kids came by and thought they saw ducks and caterpillars [meanwhile] adults will say ‘oh, it looks like corral or lace,’” Marynowski quipped. “So everyone has their own interpretations and the kids they just see animals and bugs, and I love that!”

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