renovated architecture, Ron Shenkin, green renovation, flexible spaces, Israeli architects, transformable furniture, steal beams, recycled building material, recycled materials, wood off-cuts, green design The new home features large steel beams painted bright red, which give character to the space and dominate its design. The dining space includes a table built of wood off-cuts that were pieced together to form a large smooth surface. The top is set on upcycled, mismatched iron bars of varying sizes and colors. The couch was built using an iron frame with a steel netting, on top of which rests a large mattress that’s completely mobile and adjustable. The bed was also designed with mobility in mind and can be converted into additional seating.

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The convertibility and multi-functionality of the house transform the architects’ living space into a dynamic environment that can adjust to fit the changing needs of its inhabitants. What started as an architectural experiment turned out to be an optimal evolving living space for people who understand the importance of flexible design.

+ Ron Shenkin Studio