Hiding in Triangles is a new hotel for bike enthusiasts proposed by design firm Philip Modest Schambelan + Anton Fromm. The hotel — if built — will be perched on a cliff above Lake Garda in Italy. It is designed completely with bicyclists in mind. There are no stairs to get inside, just bike ramps which are perfectly inclined to get you and your two wheeled vehicle in and out with minimal effort.

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Lake Garda is a huge vacation destination for Italy. Located just north of Milan it is a great place for mountain biking. Hoping to capitalize on this trend Philip Modest Schambelan + Anton Fromm designed their hotel as much for bicycles as for people. The hotel is accessible on every floor by a series of angled ramps that flow off of the curve of the mountainside and into the different parts of the hotel. After a long day of riding around the Italian countryside nothing would be nicer than riding your bike directly to your bed.

The hotel hovers 500 meters over the northern tip of the lake and has gorgeous vistas of the water and the surrounding mountains. An all glass front makes perfect use of the sun to light the hotel during the day. The top floor of the hotel will hold all of the communal spaces — media room, snack bar — as well as a sundeck. Philip Modest Schambelan + Anton Fromm have used nature to inform their bike-in bike-out structure and it seems they took cues from all the right places.

+ Philip Modest Schambelan

Via Design Boom