Have you ever noticed that organic produce isn’t always as “pretty” as its conventionally grown kin? Most people avoid produce that’s misshapen because they assume there’s something wrong with it, even though organic produce usually tastes far better than the immaculate, pesticide-covered offerings nearby. An Italian graphic designer named Cecilia Marzocchiis hoping to change that: she has created a series of tags, labels, and tissue papers that organic growers can use to beautify their uniquely shaped goods, thus making them far more appealing to the average consumer. These graphics can help the producers to get fair prices at local shops, while informing buyers about all the benefits present in each item. Hopefully this will increase the popularity of less attractive organic produce, and will cut down on the fresh, healthy food being thrown out and wasted each day.

+ Cortofrutta, by Cecilia Marzocchi

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