That food you’re eating is probably tasty and nutritious, but don’t you wish it were shaped like a dump truck? With the Atomium, a new 3D-printing concept designed by student Luiza Silva, your next meal could be shaped like a sailboat or a tractor, or basically any shape you could dream up. According to Silva, the printer would contain molecules that could be constructed into virtually any shape. If the device is ever produced, it could radically change our relationship to food (and dump trucks).

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The Atomium concept was designed by Luiza Silva, and it’s a semi-finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab competition. The aim of the food 3D printer is to make food more fun and engaging. Here’s how it works: A user’s basic information, such as medical data and activities at school, is pre-registered. The user can then show a sketch or describe the kind of shape he/she wants the food to be like, and the device will analyze the command and create food accordingly.

As extraordinary and fascinating as the Atomium is, we do have some concerns about the food produced by such a device. Silva emphasizes that the object of the Atomium is to produce nutritional and healthy food for kids, but can it really improve upon nature’s fruits and vegetables? The Atomium is still just a concept, so these questions will remain unanswered for now.

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