Architect Joseph di Pasquale is known for grand architectural masterpieces that require immense planning and complicated concepts. His firm’s latest project applies the same level of creative intelligence on a much smaller scale with two single-family homes in Milan. The two homes, inspired by the hexagram shape, contain sustainable elements such as solar panels and low-impact materials.

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white and light wood geometric home

The architect combined 3D-modeling software and freehand drawings to obtain the unique building shape. Highlighting modern design and an organic color palette, both homes combine minimalism, clean lines and wooden accents.

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three-story white and light wood home

“The hexogram [sic] is basically a tool for interpreting the symbolic power of architectural figuration and making it clear in the design process,” the architect said. “It’s a question of identifying a three-dimensional structure that may become the identity essence of the building. Therefore, the hexogram [sic] is the architectural logo, in a broad and historically understood sense, which makes the building recognizable, a ‘core’ inside and around which the ‘filling volumes’ develop, providing the space to accommodate all the functions for architecture is built on.”

white sofa near wood wall with mounted TV

Built on the pointed shape with dark metals and light wood, Exogram House 1 is introverted and closed on the street side with a private garden below. This is designed to keep the surrounding natural elements of the outdoor space integrated with the interior architecture. 

long white dining table near wall of bookshelves

Exogram House 2 comprises three levels with large, glazed openings to provide natural light and an unobstructed garden view. Designed both for low environmental impact and energy savings, this home uses eco-friendly materials to increase the lifecycle assessment of the entire structure. Renewable energy — in the form of a strip of solar panels integrated into the roof — further boosts the sustainability credentials of the project.

gray and white kitchen with large island

Milan-based JDP Architects has been responsible for a series of unique architectural projects throughout the globe. Past works include the Polini plant in Alzano Lombardo, Chorus Life in Bergamo, the Eco Town of Tianjin and the Guangzhou Circle, which earned a CNN ranking among the world’s 10 most interesting buildings in 2014.

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light wood and white home with outdoor patio