JOH3, J. Mayer H., berlin, residential building, green roof, louvered facade, sun shading,

JOH3 is a unique residential building in downtown Berlin developed by Euroboden and designed by J. Mayer H.. Located on Johannisstraße in Mitte, Berlin’s downtown district, the seven story building neighbors both the Museum Island and Friedrichstrasse. The ground floor provides commercial space and the interior courtyard is a private respite for residents of the multi-unit building. The apartments all face south-west, opening to the calm, carefully designed courtyard garden as well as daylight. The sculptural louvered facade works to protect the interior from overheating and provide privacy.

Each apartment enjoys a private patio to enjoy the outdoors and natural ventilation eliminates the need for air conditioning. The use of heat exchangers help to reduce energy use. Some of the larger apartments enjoy their own gardens and a green roof on top provides additional insulation. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and stored in cisterns under the basement. This water is used for toilet flushing and washing machines to reduce potable water use.

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Images ©Ludger Paffrath, Patricia PArinejad and Rick Jannack