Studio Jägnefält Milton has developed a lovely leaf-shaped Forest Pavilion that can pop up in practically any wooded area in Sweden. Thanks to the country’s new Attefallshus clause, small structures such as this can be built to a certain size without permission from the Swedish government. With an area under 25 square meters and a height less than four meters, the oval-shaped Forest Pavilion satisfies the new permissions, creating a modern multi-use shelter oasis in wooded areas.

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Milton’s Forest Pavilion is based on the simple shape of a leaf. Made from lead, the leaf-shaped roof hovers over an oval platform, seemingly suspended but balanced on a strong columnal base. The leaf roof covers a wooden platform that has a parquet floor, a pattern that contrasts with the natural floor of the forest itself. In order to save construction energy, the platform can be made from the timber found on site that will be cleared to make room for the pavilion, making the structure as local as possible.

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The pavilion’s leaf-shaped roof will be secured in place with a series of cables that are arranged at angles and tethered to the ground. These cables can also act as a skeleton for an outer skin, transforming the open pavilion into an enclosed space that can protect visitors from rain or severe weather. Made from polyurethane, the outer skin is lightweight so could be removed easily, but is also waterproof and strong.

Being an acceptable size for the new Attefallshus clause, clients can buy their own Forest Pavilion to pop up just about anywhere in Sweden.

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