Reveal Designs has brought to market a new line of furnishings and hardware designed by Washington architect James Cutler (of Cutler Anderson Architects.) These elegantly designed chairs, tables, and door levers flow seamlessly from the environmentally sensitive approach and meticulously detailed structures his firm has become known for.

Although he is best known for designing Bill Gates’ +$50 million estate, the most striking aspect of his work in both architecture and product design is his restrained material palette, intricate joinery, and responsiveness to subtle design cues. Likewise, the products which Cutler has developed are visually simple, meant to “exemplify timeless qualities by revealing the purpose/function through form.”

Reveal Designs aims to create recognizable brands of well designed building products through their architectural affiliates. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has also partnered with Reveal; we will be sure to keep our eyes out for the release of additional products.

+ Reveal Designs by James Cutler