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Maki and his comrades aren’t disputing Hadid’s victory in the international competition, but are instead making a plea for adjustments to the design. The group has organized a symposium on October 11, 2013, during which a panel of Japanese architects will discuss the site and Hadid’s design. Called “Re-thinking the New National Olympic Stadium in the Historical Context of Gaein,” the debate will be live streamed on Ustream so that design lovers around the world can see how each invited architect weighs in. Additionally, Hidenobu Jinnai, Taro Igarashi, Shinji Miyadai and Tetsuo Furuichi will be on hand to discuss general design issues surrounding the 2020 Olympics.

Hadid’s winning design includes a retrofit of the National Stadium and some environmentally-friendly features such as greywater reuse and geothermal heating. The stadium also has a sliding roof for open-air concerts.

Completion of Hadid’s stadium design won’t take place until 2018, so Maki and his group hope their efforts will persuade the powers that be to downsize before construction begins.

Via Dezeen