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The band of bros used mostly metal to create their dream camper, making the addition relatively lightweight. And while the exterior looks pretty industrial, the inside is as cozy as a typical Japanese house would be. There’s a kitchen and living room, both with built-in, space-saving utilities. The first floor is pretty utilitarian and cluttered, but the second level is all zen. The loft-like space is decked out with tatami mats, sparse decor and peaceful lighting – the perfect place to calm down a road rager.

And did we mention that this thing transforms? That’s right, using a hydraulic system, the top of the seemingly regular truck expands upwards to form a second story. When it’s time to hit the road again, it shrinks back into the space from whence it came.

This camper isn’t just one of those automotive projects that you make for the heck of it, and then leave in your driveway. The guys have put it to good use, traveling the road with it and actually stopping at campsites throughout Japan. Hankering to make your own transforming double-decker camper? Check out this websitewith all of the specifications and do try this at home.

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