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House C is located in Chiba, Japan, between the mountains and the ocean where the family likes to come on weekends to get out Tokyo to enjoy nature. They are avid gardeners and wanted plants to be part of their retreat, as well as to create a close connection with the outdoors. They requested a reinforced concrete home with a large open floor plan and sliding windows and doors that open to the outside. A large open wooden deck sits next to the house facing the ocean. Views are to the front or back and not out the sides to provide privacy from neighbors.

The concrete walls are covered in a reinforcing mixture made from soil found on site mixed with diatomaceous earth (also known as diatomite), cement and resin. This render is the color of the soil and also includes seashells, rocks and bit of material found while digging. The roof is assembled with a layer of insulation, which is covered with soil from the site and planted with native seeds to prevent erosion. What results is a large swaying wildflower prairie that protects the home.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP