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Dah-Yue Shi’s Bamboo LED system can be used to illuminate minimalist spaces without the use of protruding lighting fixtures. The luminous panels are composed of three main parts: (1) an LED light source at the base, (2) tempered glass on top of the base to consolidate the entire structure, (3) A thin bamboo veneer to filter the light. These three parts are delicately attached together to create these modular designs.

Due to the pattern of the bamboo veneers and the different levels of color intensity, the system creates the illusion of being three-dimensional. Several patterns can be created, rendering the design dynamic and modular. In addition to using green materials such as bamboo and LED lights, the recessed fixtures simplify manufacturing costs and minimize material use.

Apart from the Op Art look and feel (which may well popularize the Bamboo LED in high-end offices, residences, clubs etc.), we love the design’s dual function as a recessed luminaire and a structural material.

+ Jeff Dah-Yue Shi