Refrigerators are currently the most popular (and in many cases, only) way to keep our food fresh, but since they run 24/7, they’re hardly the most eco-friendly. Wondering what kinds of alternatives we might be able to come up with, Korean designer Jihyun Ryou created “Save Food From The Fridge”, a charming collection of art objects that keep food fresh using no energy. Sensible, zero energy and adorable, Jihyun Ryou’s objects re-introduce and re-evaluate the way humans connect with other living beings, their food and themselves.

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For storing rooted vegetables, Ryou designed a container that stands them vertically in sand, allowing the organisms to save energy in proper humidity conditions. The container for zucchinis, eggplants and cucumbers — which are biologically fruits — has a special small glass funnel with water at the bottom, allowing them to stay fresh and humid. Ryou also combined potatoes and apples — which emit a lot of ethylene gaswhich speeds up the ripening process — in a dark bottom area that will cause them to sprout much later. There is also space for eggs, which can be freshness tested by dipping them in water and seeing if they sink to the bottom.

Another great project coming from a Design Academy Eindhoven’s graduate, Save Food from the Fridge is explained perfectly by No Tech Magazine: “Vegetables and fruits continue to live even after they are picked. They keep breathing, taking oxygen from the air and giving off carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat. By regulating temperature and humidity, it is possible to slow down this respiration, resulting in a longer storage time.”

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Photo © Jihyun Ryou