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The house, built in 1961, is located on a hill above the town of Dornbirn, Austria. It provides beautiful views of the Rhine delta and Lake Constance. The original structure became to small for its four inhabitants so they commissioned to renovate and expand it. The original house was gutted and unusable fixtures were removed. Specht’s team designed a new envelope supported by a lightweight timber stick-construction which offers a high prefabrication level and other advantages that are more sustainable than conventional timber structures.

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Windows of varying sizes and shapes dominate the facade and create a pattern which distinguishes the house from the area’s typical houses. The new facade provides highly effective insulation, made of organic materials, and triple glazing. A wood/aluminum frame system was used, with unglazed parts filled with wooden panels covered in water vapor permeable coating, a system commonly used in boat building. The architects replaced the existing oil heating with a new heat pump with geothermal probes and introduced floor heating to both old and new quarters.

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Photos by Adolf Bereuter