Now here’s a happy animal rescue story that ain’t no bull. Last week, a brave bull was found on the York College campus in Jamaica, Queens after a daring escape from certain death. The bull broke free as he was being unloaded at a live market and made a run for it, causing a bit of local panic. The rambunctious runaway could have easily been sent back to slaughter had it not been for animal-loving comedian Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey, who stepped up to take the brazen bovine to live out the rest of his life at their Farm Sanctuary in New Jersey.

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According to NBC New York, the bull was holding his own on York’s campus for some time, even charging at a few onlookers. He was finally subdued thanks to two tranquilizers darts shot into its brave little rump by police officers.

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Once he calmed down, the bull was taken to a Brooklyn Animal Care & Control office until the Stewarts came to pick him up and take him to their shelter in NJ. The animal advocate couple turned their New Jersey farm into a haven for neglected animals last year, and it has since become a part of the Farm Sanctuary organization. Here’s to another innocent life being spared, but we look forward to a day when animals don’t need to make a run for it in order to avoid becoming someone’s dinner.

Via NBC New York

Lead image via CBS and Farm Sanctuary Facebook