Thurston Wine House, Jones Studio, Arizona, Paradise Valley, Brick, Thermal Storage, Underground, Wine, Eddie Jones, GM Hunt Builders

Contractor GM Hunt Builders and Jones Studio designed and built a way for the property of the Thurston House to meander seamlessly to the wine house’s roof terrace. The entry to the wine house lies tucked underground at the bottom of a staircase from the terrace. A solitary light illuminates the immense wood door to the wine house and creates a pattern of shadows on the surrounding brick walls.

Once inside, the brick walls disappear behind rows of wine bottle racks and decorative wood cabinets and trims. A small tasting table sits directly in the middle of the oval room, with an imaginative light fixture directly above. The spoke-like beam structure of the ceiling helps to focus the visitor’s eye on the center table.

This underground brick labyrinth displays and enhances the passion that the Thurston’s have for wine in ways that are both enjoyable and sustainable. The addition is both timeless and perfectly suited for a generation of design that can help to return the client to the earth through materiality and space. Principal Architect Eddie Jones, AIA has led the Jones Studio for over 33 years in order to discover unique design solutions for every client, and the Thurston Wine House is no exception.


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