If you love music, you know that a set of good speakers is essential to maximizing any listening experience. And for those who cherish a fine aesthetic just the same, you’re sure to fall in love with Studio Joon&Jung’s stunning Natural Speakers. Hand-crafted from a set of punctuated ceramic cubes strapped atop a stack of carefully cut twigs, the choice materials utilized in this design provide for an inimitable natural sound that will get you swooning.

The idea for the ‘the natural speaker’ derived from the desire to create a unique, handcrafted speaker for in-home use. Where most of the speakers available on the market today have been built to pound out heavy bass and sharp high tones, Joon&Jung’s speakers aim to hone a more natural vibe and ambiance.

During the development of the speaker the designers found that using porcelain as a speaker casing provided for a clear resonance and mellow sound. Amplified inside the ceramic and wood transmission construction, the sound gains a slight echo, creating a natural feeling of resonance, resembling the distinct flair of an acoustic instrument right in front of you.

+ Joon&Jung

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