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Designed by Garrett Carlson, the house has a rustic feel that contrasts nicely with its modern amenities. While the large boulders that make up the walls (which were erected by engineer Hossein Zand) are made of concrete, the inside of the home incorporates several natural rock and rock-like materials. One concern about having boulders as walls was that daylighting would be blocked in some areas of the house, but the designer incorporated a mirrored wall opposite from the kitchen’s large windows, doubling the natural light and giving the illusion that both ends of the room have views of the immediate landscape.

The Boulder House’s use of steel, which is a largely recycled and recyclable material, is also noteworthy. On the exterior, both corrugated and smooth steel is used to give the residence a look that is both modern and extremely unique. Plus, the copper -colored patina that’s developed on the cladding makes the house look like it was always a part of the natural landscape. Inside, steel beams create an almost urban, industrial vibe. The same beams add character to a wall of windows that opens up, making you lose consciousness of where the great room ends and where Joshua Tree Park begins.

And with a home this gorgeous, you’d want to protect it from the elements for sure – that’s why the Joshua Tree Boulder House was designed to be able to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 10.

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