‘Just Desserts’ is a colorful cluster of glass lights made from recycled dessert bowls. UK-based designer Jay Watson created this intriguing lighting array by stringing up traditional glass bowls sourced from flea markets and second-hand shops. The lamps are set to make their official debut at Interiors LDN this May in London.

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“There is something charmingly nostalgic about dessert dishes,” says Jay. “They were the culmination of every dinner ritual of the recent past, but they no longer feature in our dining habits. There is something at once enchanting and moving [about] the sight of an ‘orphaned’ dessert bowl that has been misplaced from its original set. Now, rather than being filled with dubious concoctions of tinned fruit and custard, they have been reincarnated and filled with light.”

Not only are Jay Watson’s ‘Just Desserts’ lights made from recycled materials, but they also are fitted with energy-efficient LEDs. The bright bulbs (2700K, 95CRI) are rated to 75,000 hours, and they’re set in turned wooden and aluminum fixtures that are bonded to the bases of the pressed glass dishes. We love how the glass from the dessert bowls diffuses and refracts the light, creating beautiful patterns.

+ Jay Watson

Images courtesy of Jay Watson