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Kagithane Gardens is a premier office and retail project that is designed to catalyze a new business district in Kagithane in the northern part of Istanbul. The M-shaped building rises up from courtyards and gardens and provides all office areas with a narrow floor plate to provide views and plenty of natural light. Passageways on the street level cut through the building to facilitate pedestrian traffic in and around the complex.

The 100,000 sq m project will include shopping, restaurants, fitness areas and more on the publicly accessible lower levels. Flexible open plan office spaces on the upper floors connect to private terraces and rooftop gardens. Daylighting and heat gain are tempered with louvers on the exterior of the glass-walled building.

JDS says: “The project acts as a catalyst of business life for a new Istanbul, that promotes contemporary culture, architecture and lifestyle. We’ve thought a building where inside interacts with outside, where the plan is flexible to allow for anyone to find its desired space and place, whether it be a small one man show company or a large corporate office employing hundreds.” “We believe life is plural and various entities should coexist and exchange their experiences. The Kagithane Gardens is where such a rich diversity can find its place.”


Images ©JDS Architects