We love that more and more people are using green transportation to get around, and design studios are reacting positively to the trend by giving bicyclists a way to keep cycles safe while also looking great on the streets. Margus Triibman, of Estonian design studio Keha3s, recently developed two bike rackdesigns that are versatile, flexible and fun. Dubbed the ‘Tulip Fun Fun’ and ‘Grazz’ these crafty racks are made from stretchable and bendy elastic to accomodate bikes of all sizes, all while paying tribute to nature all around us.

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The Grazz rack is like a giant durable and flexible blade of grass. Made from plastic covered metal cables, bikes cords, chains and locks can be fed through steel loops at the top of each blade. The moveable blade allows for multiple bikes to be locked up, and the soft plastic protects the bikes from scratches and scrapes.

Evoking a red flower, the Tulip Fun Fun rack is a loop made from the same flexible elastic material. Like the Grazz, the Tulip is flexible, and allows the user to lock their bike up in any direction. The soft bend of the loop also allows for bikesof varying sizes to be locked together.

Both the Tulip and the Grazz racks can either be bolted to the ground, or cast in concrete. They can be installed alone or in groups. A line of both rackscan also create an artificial barrier and even evoke a grass field dotted with red tulips – a splash of faux nature for the urban environment!

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