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The Kerferd Place addition complements an Edwardian redbrick home in Melbourne by providing it with a new open floor plan living, dining, and kitchen space and an upstairs master suite. Bedrooms for children and guests are located in the original home, while the new extension provides private space for the parents. Rather than building a modern addition that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the neighborhood, Whiting Architects designed a barn-inspired structure that looks like a garage or shed and is appropriate for the vernacular. “It is a utilitarian building like a workshop or a barn, conceived out of need rather than design,” said studio founders Steven and Carole Whiting. “We wanted to avoided the cliched, heroic-modernist box, or worse still the one-liner gimmick piece.”

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An existing exposed brick wall informed material choices – the new extension is built with reclaimed brick, vintage 1930s steel framed doors, sheet cladding, commercial-grade double-glazed windows, and timber “scissor trusses”. The interior is efficiently designed to maximize the compact space. There are no traditional circulation areas like hallways, and the home’s spaces serve multiple functions (a window seat provides storage and a place to study). Skylights, bright white walls and careful window placement encourage a flood of natural light into the addition.

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