LED is taking the interior design world by storm and Kichler’s new lineup of LED tape add a heap of options for low-impact and dramatic lighting. The lineup of indoor or outdoor strips comes in all flavors and two power options so you can specify exactly what you need. Some come in rolls where you cut just the right amount you need, and the efficiency is comparable to Edison base LEDs.

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The application of the tape LEDs can make for dramatic results. Counters seem to float, walkways are outlined at night, and by layering light, the mood of the room changes with the flick of the switch. The tape version of the LED lights is a slick little system that enables you to simply cut the light where you want it with a pair of scissors and click indoor or outdoor connectors to feed the power supply. Strips adhere to the substrate, even if it needs to bend. Other options include outdoor and indoor hard strips and two light levels, which are also dimmable, making for 100s of combinations.

It is also promising that the lights are up to a claimed 68 lumens per watt for the low intensity strips, efficiency outstripping many LED bulbs on the market. The high-intensity strips are about 50 lumens per watt and cast a respectable 200 lumens per foot. The CRI of 80 is nothing to brag about, but the 20 years of average lifespan certainly is.

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