It’s not always practical to implement deconstructivism into interior design (see: glasses slipping over non-rectilinear surfaces), so when you finally spot a piece that’s able to embody this post-modern spirit, you can’t help but be impressed. Designed by the Saftiuk Conservatory, the Kief Table is a gorgeous green furnishing constructed from discarded clear walnut cutoffs pieced together into a surface that is just as engaging as the most gregarious of modern buildings.

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Measuring in at 17.5″ h x 59.5″ w x 21″ d, the Kief Table manages to create a smooth surface from unconventionally-sized pieces of walnut by following a careful structural and artistic strategy. Taken as a whole, this sturdy and sustainable table becomes a visually engaging centerpiece that exudes a smart, warm presence through a dynamic form.

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