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The one bedroom home is located at the back of a rectangular plot. This layout provides the home with excellent views its surroundings and distances it from the road for increased privacy. The small vineyard also serves as a barrier between the road and the house. Inside, the home features a private bedroom, open living space, a kitchen, a wine cellar and library, and a bathroom. A shaded courtyard to the north extends the living space outdoors to the vineyard.

Passive solar design strategies are utilized to minimize excess heat or cold. Light shelves and shading allow daylight to filter into the space. Operable windows and clerestory windows provide natural ventilation and allow hot air to escape up and out of the house. Well-insulated floors and walls minimize energy loss. The home is constructed from locally sourced brick using techniques from the area, while the ceiling and roof are constructed with SIPs and laminated beams. The home’s interior is carefully designed to frame views of the mountains, the orchard and the vineyard.

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