With all the controversy and outrage surrounding the presence of BPA in plastic water bottles, KOR has stood by its commitment to encourage individuals to stop buying disposable bottled water with its smoothly styled BPA-free water vessels. This past week they announced a limited-edition series of “Thirst for Giving” bottles that feature beautiful art and provide sales proceeds to non-profits that are working to preserve the environment.

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Five dollars from the sale of each Special Edition Kor bottle goes toward their Thirst for Giving program, which supports select non-profits: The Algalita Marine Foundation, Blue Planet Run, The Container Recycling Institute and The Wetlands Initiative.

“The people at KOR prove that a company with a conscience can succeed in providing a durable, fashionable, high quality product that not only is good for the environment, it gives back to protecting the environment as well,” said Susan Collins of The Container Recycling Institute.

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