Danish cycling brand KP Cykler is raising funds on Kickstarter for their clever new bike. In addition to beautiful aesthetics, their bicycles have incorporated the latest smartphone technologies to make bicycle identification easier than ever with built-in chips that can help return stolen bikes to their rightful owner.

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The innovation is based on NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. Chips are build into the handlebars of the bicycle and can be scanned by anyone with a NFC enabled smartphone (nearly all of the latest Android phones and iPhones). Once scanned, the phone will display the serial number, build date, owner’s initial and last name together with a message by the owner. The latter can be modified remotely to contain contact details and return information to make finding the rightful owner easy for both the police and the good-citizen.

To enhance the aesthetics of their bikes, Kaspar Peek, the founder of KP Cykler designed removable cable clamps for those who want to ride fixed gear. The look and feel of the bicycle is nicely put by multible World Champion and Olympic silver medallist Alex Rasmussen: “I like that it’s so simple and just really beautifully made. It’s the kind of a bike you want to ride.” To purchase a KP Cykler bicycle and find out more, visit their Kickstarter project.

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