Formed in January of 2008, LA Box Collective is a group of professional furniture designers and makers that are committed to environmentally–conscious design and production. Their first collection “So Happy Together” debuts this Saturday at the Fifth Floor Gallery in Los Angeles. Careful attention was given to each of the modern pieces in the collection, ensuring fine craftsmanship and long-lasting designs that are all constructed from reclaimed or sustainable materials.

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Each of the artists in the LA Box Collective have committed to a pact to:

1. Use a comprehensive approach in their work that includes sustainable design, materials, fabrication and finishes. 2. Make objects that use resources mindfully, so that they have no toxic impact on the environment and lasting for generations. 3. Buy recycled materials, supplies, and tools in the studio and office, and recycle 4. source locally. 5. Share resources to facilitate the growth and integrity of Los Angeles’ small businesses, rooted in sustainable products. 6. Educate others about sustainable principals through community outreach, gallery shows and the media. 7. Fabricate original designs, influencing the design community and promoting environmentally-friendly practices.

Angelinos, if you are looking for something to do this Saturday and want to check out some impressive locally made pieces, be sure to check-out the opening at Fifth Floor Gallery.

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