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Mobile Cultural Mobilizarte is an ephemeral and itinerant pavilion made up of three elements, all which pack neatly into containers for shipment. A set of scaffolding towers, which are easily assembled, very stable and adaptable to any kind of terrain, form the skeleton of the pavilion. The scaffolding can be extended up to 10 meters high. The Prism is a white box formed from scaffolding 15 meters high and wrapped in a waterproof canvas. Serving as a projection screen for films and other media, the Prism also serves as a storage area and protected space for equipment.

Finally, the membrane is used to create a covered space over the pavilion grounds. Inspired by two traditional Brazilian elements  – the crochet, lace and patchwork quilts – which serve to cover and protect, and the hollow elements (“cobogós”), the membrane is made from inflatable beams and a waterproof and UV layer. During the day sunlight streams in through the translucent membrane and at night lighting shines out through the lace-like pattern. The membrane is raised up onto the scaffolding just like a circus tent is raised and provides a large 550 sq meter space for events.

The membrane can be twisted, tilted, tumbled, hung, laid, stretched, twirled or languidly spread to create hundreds of variations for the pavilion. No two installations will ever be alike and the site will determine the size and shape. The pavilion can be attached to other existing buildings to extend their space or it can be set up in an open field or parking lot to act on its own.

Via ArchDaily