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The home is located in a vacation area and development called Kootenay Lake Village and was built by the developers of the project. The single story structure is about 1,400 sq ft and includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area and a utility room. A large deck opens off of the lake side of the house and sliding glass doors can be opened to expand the whole space into a larger living area.

Designed for a modern and contemporary aesthetic, the house features an open floor plan, flat roof, aluminum windows and doors and a facade that can be covered in a large variety of materials and colors. Homes can be customized with additional levels, a basement or different rooms and a porch. Parts and pieces for these kit homes are crafted in St. Louis and then flat packed and shipped to the site of the home and then assembled.

Green design features include double wall thick insulation providing 2 – 6″ walls with batt insulation achieving R-38 in the walls and R-50 in the roof. A narrow floorplan means natural daylight reaches all the way into the house and high operable windows are used to naturally ventilate the space. Rocio Romero architects help their customers design specific sustainable strategies like solar power and other specific systems right into their homes. The LVL prefab home kit has a starting price of $42,950 and includes posts and beams, exterior wall panels, faux wall panels, roof framing, select connectors, and siding material.

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