Philadelphia-based design team MIO has upped the ante for end-user creativity yet again with the introduction of their first LED light fixture. Called Trask because it can switch from being “track” or “task” lighting, the function of this ingenious flatpack lighting system is completely up to you! The modular units can form everything from desk lamps to linkable suspension lights, giving this eco-centric product the option to snake its way across your entire room.

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Building on the success of the sputnik-style Bendant Light, the Trask light is also designed to pack and ship flat, but adds new flair with its customizable python-like configurations. MIO’s founders, brothers Issac and Jaime Salm say that they dug deep to find the right type of LED strip light for Trask that would be cost efficient, but also give the right kind of light output. They carefully considered the laser cut metal pattern so that its folds could clip the LED strip in place and simultaneously act a reflector for the light. In addition, the powder-coating used on the recycled content sheet metal is an environmentally preferable finish.

We expect nothing less from MIO, who are known for sustainably manufacturing, packaging, and shipping their simplified, modern furniture and accessories. The Trask was among their notable introductions at last week’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair, but there has also been a substantial amount of eco-design buzz surrounding their line of gardening products for Target. If you are as anxious as we are to be a co-designer of your own Trask folded light, you can order it, and all of their eco-intelligent products, from the MIO website.