Leonardo DiCaprio may have found his next project to help the planet: a movie starring 90’s cartoon environmental superhero Captain Planet. Captain Planet and the Planeteers ended in late 1992, but it seems DiCaprio thinks the themes from the old TV show are relevant today. There’s a twist: sources told The Hollywood Reporter we might see Captain Planet in a new light, as a “washed-up has-been.”

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DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way Productions and Paramount are reportedly attempting to obtain the rights for the TV series. DiCaprio would be a producer on the film – no word yet on whether or not he would play one of the characters. Jono Matt and Glenn Powell’s names have been floated to pen the screenplay.

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The original Captain Planet TV series followed the adventures of five children possessing magic rings that, when used together, could summon the environmental superhero. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter a DiCaprio Captain Planet film would be set after the timeline of the TV series. Instead of the hero taking “pollution down to zero,” Captain Planet could be portrayed as a “washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him.”

Actor David Coburn, who voiced Captain Planet, has said he’d love to be involved with a Captain Planet movie. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “There’s nobody better to play Captain Planet than Leo. Well there’s me, then there’s Leo. But if it can’t be me, if Captain Planet can’t be a 51-year-old Jew, then Leo’s a good second choice.”

Even though the TV show ended decades ago, Captain Planet is still making his mark through the Captain Planet Foundation, an active organization that works to inspire kids to become “agents of environmental change” through clubs, programs, and events.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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