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Lernort Natur offers a variety of outdoor activities, but if the weather’s too cold or rainy, a repurposed shipping containers and glass pavilion — topped by a solar-panels roof — will kindly shelter participants. The design is based on the elements, featuring a playful wooden structure for rainwater collection and watering plants. In addition to growing vegetables in recycled wood containers, the project has created a tipi-like structure made entirely from plants.

A compost heap shows kids how nature recycles organic matter into rich soil, while a wooden beehive brings them closer to our buzzy friends. There is also a maze growing within Lernort Natur, offering children and their parents a cool green space in which to get lost. A fantastic space for kids and parents to enjoy and learn about the wind, sun, water, earth and many other natural treasures, Lernort Natur educates future generations to be open, social, free and to care for nature.

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Photos © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat