Kyle Armstrong’s LINDO Smart vehicle is a three-wheeled concept that takes brings the overall design of the Tuk Tuk into the 21st century. “When designing LINDO, I wanted to be able to create a vehicle that would ultimately help make a positive impact on the transport system that is currently implemented in the Melbourne CBD,” stated Armstrong.

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This quirky little car is constructed of lightweight materials, like carbon fiber and titanium to make it incredibly light. The LINDO Smart is powered by two in-wheel electric motors and six lithium-ion battery cells that are charged through a capacitor which works 75 percent faster than similar systems. An onboard computer continuously analyzes driving conditions and has the ability to turn off the motors when they aren’t needed. Also, when one motor is not in use, the momentum of the tires charges the batteries.

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“With LINDO, Melbourne’s public transport will become faster, safer, and more efficient,” says Armstrong.

To make the LINDO Smart even more appealing, Armstrong developed a smartphone application to make the smart car easier to use. Armstrong explains that the app “can be instantly paired with the car by either the driver or the passenger. The user is able to order a service to pick them up from their current location via their smartphone and choose their destination to plan out their trip whilst also tracking and monitoring their current usage from the vehicle. Using PayPal and online banking, users can pay instantly either using payWave on the vehicle’s built-in payment system or paying through the application directly.”

The LINDO is designed to work seamlessly within a commuter’s lifestyle, not the other way around, allowing it to make a real difference in the lives of city dwellers around the globe.

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