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Traffic and pollution from cars is a major problem in New Delhi and while CNG buses for public transportation are becoming more popular, even more must be done. As public transportation and more fuel efficient vehicles come into use, the older, polluting cars will become obsolete, but are still full of resources that can be used. Atelier CMJN proposes to take these old cars and recycle them for parts and materials in order to construct their circular skyscrapers.

LO2P is one part recycling center, one part power plant and one part air filter – waste goes in and clean energy, air and food come out. The recycling loop serves as the structure for a large wind turbine as well as photovoltaic panels on the exterior that generate clean energy. The recycling center at the base of the tower produces waste heat and carbon dioxide, which are in turn used by the greenhouse to produce food and bio-fuel. And a set of rotating filters capture the suspended particles in the air, pumping fresh air into the city.

The recycling loop is an ingenious concept relying solely on wastes for its input stream to produce valuable materials and cleaner air. Like a vertical garden, the LO2P is an eco factory and is easily conceived in other locations around the world. We can’t wait to see this eco skyscraper in action one day.

+ Atelier CMJN