Can’t decide on a green roof or a vertical garden? No problem, just do both! R&Sie Architects designed the aptly-named ‘Lost in Paris’ house for an ‘urban witch’ who feeds the house through 300 glass-blown pods. A potion of rainwater and plant nutrients nourishes 1200 ferns drop-by-drop throughout the year. The houseplants are entirely hydroponic, and completely engulfing the 1400 square foot concrete home. The blanket of ferns protects the house from outside elements and regulates its inside temperature, all the while adding life and freshness to the neighborhood.

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Taking nearly five years to build, this home for 4 is always getting attention. Architect Francois Roche explains it as “a game of attraction and repulsion” where passersby may be inspired or frightened, and of course wary of the looming ‘urban witch.’ R&Sie Architects are no newcomers to breaking architectural norms. They’ve built and conceptualized a gigantic spider’s nest, an alchemist’s greenhouse for experiementing with toxic plants, and even an exhibit at MIT based on urinotherapy.

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