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One beautiful element of the tower is that it is comprised of recyclable materials so that theoretically it could be disassembled after the Rio events and used elsewhere. It is also a mixed-use project since it not only houses telecommunications infrastructure, but also other programs, and has the ability to project images of the games as they take place. So how is this achieved?

According to eVolo, the sphere’s outer skin consists of a tempered laminated glass curve that enables the building’s shape and cuts back summer solar gain while permitting winter sunlight to enter. The double inner skin is fitted with thousands of small energy-efficient LEDs that can be controlled to project synchronized video and other images. The tower also has a heated greenhouse and is both cooled and heated using geothermal technology. Like Garrido’s Eye of Horus house, which captured international attention from designers and celebrities alike, this design is sure to turn a few heads!

+ Luis de Garrido

Via Evolo