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Urculo, who studied architecture and actually knows a thing or two about it, created his “Covers” project to investigate “the domestic non-specialized language of everyday things.” Basically, architecture, buildings, structures, built things are consumable. People buy them, use them and live in them just like you buy and use smaller objects. So Covers is a collection of re-constructed buildings out of everyday objects.

The Spanish artist makes the project more of a performance by filming the sculptures in construction. The methodical assemblage of the buildings harkens to real construction methods, reflecting the precarious nature of building something, the fine details, exact measurements, and the use of materials. Plus it’s fun to watch them under construction like time-lapse footage of a real construction site.

So, can you guess what each building is? Some are pretty obvious, while others are a bit more abstract. The answers are in the following order. 1. New Museum by SANAA. 2. John Hancock Center by Skidmore, Owings & Merril. 3. Guggenheim Museum New York by Frank Lloyd Wright. 4. National Congress of Brazil by Oscar Niemeyer. 5. Sears Tower by Skidmore, Owings & Merril. 6. Marina City Towers by Bletrand Goldberg. 7. Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright. 8. Villa in the Forest by SANAA. 9. Farnsworth House by Mies Van der Rohe. 10. Wozocos by MVRDV.

Via Co.Design

Images © Luis Urculo