The Urban Agriculture Curtain is a brilliant indoor vertical gardening concept where fresh produce can be grown year-round while hanging in a window. London-based architecture studio Bohn and Viljoencreated the installation back in 2009 to provide a viable alternative to traditional allotment gardening through an advanced hydroponics system. The space-saving idea makes growing veggies so much easier as it is around four times as spatially efficient than a horizontal equivalent, and it doubles as a stunning green furnishing in an office or apartment.

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Bohn and Viljoen collaborated with Marcel Croxson, Jack Wates, and Hadlow College to create the installation, which was designed for the London Yields: Urban Agriculture exhibition at The Building Center in London. The Curtain incorporated eight planting trays connected to a nutrient-rich water supply and suspended on a cable system producing enough fresh food to be harvested approximately twice a month. The food was then used to feed customers of the Center’s cafe, and then restocked with new seedlings to ensure it kept on thriving.

+ Bohn and Viljoen

Images courtesy of Bohn and Viljoen