Anyone who has ever tried to grow their own edibles in an apartment knows that lack of light is one of the biggest obstacles. Even in a sunny, south-facing home, plants can end up shriveling because they’re not getting enough rays. The Cloud Farms Biome, developed by designer Bradley Ferrada, is a solution that lets urban farmers break through the barriers of their apartments to allow their indoor plants to soak up outdoor sunlight. Ferrada, a graduate of Pratt Institute’s Master of Industrial Design program conceived Cloud Farms as a way for New Yorkers and other city-dwellers to grow fresh veggies in a small space. The Biome greenhouse and the accompanying Nimbus hydroponic gardening system (which can also be used on its own), just launched today on Kickstarter, so head over to the campaign to see how you can reserve one of these personal greenhouse systems for yourself.

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Cloud Farms’ Nimbus is a personal hydroponic garden system that allows users to grow plants without the mess of soil. Ideal for small apartments, the system is almost self-sufficient and circulates water and nutrients from the bottom of the tank up to plant roots using air pressure to push through feed lines. The water is then drained back into the tank, recycling itself until it’s fully used up. This means that there’s no need to remember to water plants daily! The plants are grown in sleek receptacle pots called Droplets, which look like elegant modern vases.

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The Biome, which can be coupled with the Nimbus for even better results, transforms a standard window into a personal miniature greenhouse. Made from translucent polycarbonate plastic, the lightweight structure allows the plants inside to receive direct sunlight from all angles, encouraging growth. The greenhouse is just deep enough for you to be able to reach its outer edges, and tall enough to let plants flourish to their potential. The Biome also doesn’t block sunlight from coming into your apartment.

Together, the Nimbus and Biome create one powerful little personal farm. If you’re excited to get growing with Cloud Farms, head over to their Kickstarter campaign today!

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