This incredible concept for a self-heating piezoelectric shower combines inspiration from the human body’s circulatory system with technological innovations in piezoelectricity. The fluid web of piping heats water by utilizing energy from friction produced by flowing water — it’s therefore able to function completely off the grid. Conceived by Finnish Sebastian Jansson, Mexican Fernanda Piza, Brazilian Victor Stelmasuk and German Natalie Weinmann, the design not only grabs our attention as an exotic art form but also enlightens us with its energy-efficient design.

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Piezo Shower, I saloni Premio SaloneSatellite, Sebastian Jansson, Fernanda Piza, Victor Stelmasuk, Natalie Weinmann, piezoelectricity, energy efficient design, Milan Design Week

The Piezo Shower placed second in the ‘I saloni Premio SaloneSatellite’ competition during Milan Design Week.  The design was a project of the Master of European Design Programme that took place at ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris and was supervised by Thomas Lommee andSebastian Müller.

Focusing on new technology allowed the design team to rethink conventional showering systems and create a design that is full of new defining qualities. The design features a network of fibers within its curving and connecting pipes that harvest kinetic energy from friction and generate electricity to heat the water.

The design team explains that the shower is “futuristic yet feasible.” Inspired by the human body’s circulatory system, the designers expanded the area of the piping and added twisting curves that allow for more movement and time for the water to create friction inside the piping.

The shower is controlled through a digital touchscreen that can be integrated into bathroom tiling. The control system also projects waters temperature, pressure and water consumption over-time, providing the necessary details for consumers to adequately monitor their own water waste and energy consumption.

The ‘I saloni Premio SaloneSatellite’ competition was open to contestants that took part in SaloneSatellite 2010 and was reserved for designs that pertained to bathroom and kitchen ambiences.

+ Master of European Design Programme

+ Piezo Shower

Via dvice and MoCoLoco