Kari-Out, makers of takeout food packaging containers, invested over $10 million in sustainable paper manufacturing to support their work greening restaurant leftovers. Kari-Out is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of paper, aluminum and recyclable packaging products for the restaurant takeout industry.

Five brown food packaging boxes. Three of the containers are closed while two are opened. The two that are opened are filled with French fries and salad.

The company’s largest investment to date will be used to expand manufacturing capabilities in Kari-Out’s specialty quality packaging facility in New York. That’s where Kari-Out’s popular food trays, eco box and eco earth paper food containers are produced. 

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A white takeout box filled with a hamburger and fries. A hand hovers above it squeezing ketchup onto the fries

“State-of-the-art machines with new die-cutting, folding and forming technology will allow Kari-Out to double its capacity for paper containers, producing innovative new shapes and sizes to accommodate the changing carry-out industry,” said Dominick Fontana, head of operations for Kari-Out.

Furthermore, the investment will focus on six-color printing and photo processing for labels on the inside and outside of packaging.

Hands holding a brown take out container filled with nachos loaded with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo

Moreover, Kari-Out formed a recent new affiliation with the U.S. Composting Council. They hope to better serve customers with eco-friendly compostable packaging.

A hand holding two packets of black hot sauce

Currently, about 80% of all the food packaging the company makes is paper based, However, they will increase their output of sustainable products like the Eco Earth closed container. It is made from 100% recycled board and is both recyclable and compostable. Additionally, ramped up operational efficiency is also expected to reduce waste by five to 10%.

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